About Us

Hi I’m Barbara Mays, creator of The Thrive Matters. I’ve discovered a bunch of “Where do I go from here” people like myself who simply don’t want to get stuck, or live small. We’re interested in making the best of where we are as we step forward to grow.  I believe that we all have something special that we are destined to do. There’s a burning desire in us to live our purpose but life’s stuff can really get in the way and procrastinate the very thing we’re here to do. It’s so easy to put our purpose on tomorrow’s calendar, then spend today focusing time and energy on tasks we may not even like. This blog is for people who aspire to take the journey to live their dreams.

Hi I’m Ciji Browning, co-creator of The Thrive Matters Podcasts. Helping others thrive in life and their career has always been my passion. An extra push and words of encouragement will get anyone to the next level. I’ve reached many of my goals in life and I want to help you do the same.  My goal is to be a great leader, mentor, and friend. With failure comes success and I hope my shared experiences give you the courage to continue your amazing journey!

Hi I’m Krystle Crosby, a contributor to The Thrive Matters.  My passion is a combination of a couple of things; love for photography and a commitment to women’s empowerment.  The goal is simple – to help women thrive through the lens of their careers, homes, and other interests.  My hope is that with a few slight edits to your frameworks, a mini reboot of your settings, and a minor shift in you overall perspective, you’ll be ready to live your bigger picture.  I’m here to help you discover and capture your best self.