Increase Your Social Media Influence With These Growth and Value Hacks

Would you rather grow your social media by numbers, by the value that you give to your followers, or both? I’m guessing you are leaning towards both, if you are – great choice!

I’m one of the first to admit that I don’t have it all figured out yet. But I’m growing and love learning about building robust, engaging, and purposeful communities on Social Media. I’ve been learning some tips and want to pass them along so that we can take this Social Media growth journey together.

Getting The Most Out Of Our Post

It’s all about where we want our focus to land. Placing real emphasis on the value that we want to bring to our followers is a BIG win! It sends a message that we care and lets our communities know that we feel that they are worth what it takes to meet them where they are. And even better, it shows that we want an authentic, engaging connection with the desire to be social and see them thrive.   

Curate a Friendly Space

It’s great knowing that we can share Social Media space as helpful friends. When we post, let’s bring the same exciting energy we get when we experience new great things we love and want to share with a friend. That said, we’ll end up creating and sharing some pretty cool, engaging heart-centered content that followers can put to good use. Giving them the best result and benefit from our content matters. So here are four questions to help you create content of value:

  1. What’s the purpose of your post?
  2. How does your post help your community?
  3. What transformation do you want your followers to make?
  4. What’s the call to action you want to give?

Let’s spend our Social Media digital currency being people of value who add value to others, and growth will come.