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Healthy Reminders: 4 Fab Brain Chemicals That Help You Feel Great

CHEMICAL WHAT DOES IT DO FOR ME HOW DO I GET IT Dopamine Boosts reward, motivation, concentration Reach your goals Self-care Creativity Learn a new skill or exercise Oxytocin Promotes love, trust, empathy Give a compliment Give a hug Socializing Play with baby Play with pet Listen to music Serotonin Stabilizes Mood Salmon Turkey Nuts and seeds Pineapple Endorphins Minimizes…

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Rising Up

I never thought I’d see a day called – COVID-19 come. This spreadable virus, that we knew little about, was seemingly remote one day and on America’s doorstep the next.  And though it’s here – up close and personal we still know little about it.  Not only that, it has so many touchpoints. Everything imaginable seems to be impacted – healthcare, day…

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