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Perks of Being a Solopreneur

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I’ve been hearing the word, Solopreneur buzzing around lately. I wanted to learn more about them and found some pretty cool discoveries to share.   Solopreneurs have to dream big. Their faith and ambitions have to go BIG too. I suppose it’s because some people with big dreams get to employ teams to help implement them. Still, Solopreneurs primarily achieve their business goals…

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How to cultivate positive thinking?

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There are many things in life that we go through, and some of them we cannot control. However, the way we react to them is something that we can most definitely control. The first step to controlling your emotions is to realize that you can change your mindset regardless of your current circumstances. You can take responsibility for how you…

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Give Goals

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Wanting to give is a pretty sweet courtesy that goes a long way. Here are some ways to share: Pour on the kindness. It’s a HUGE win to ask, ‘How are you doing, really?’ then give the person space and time to answer in their own way so you can listen in and learn exactly how to help them. Kindness…

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Healthy Reminders: 4 Fab Brain Chemicals That Help You Feel Great

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CHEMICAL WHAT DOES IT DO FOR ME HOW DO I GET IT Dopamine Boosts reward, motivation, concentration Reach your goals Self-care Creativity Learn a new skill or exercise Oxytocin Promotes love, trust, empathy Give a compliment Give a hug Socializing Play with baby Play with pet Listen to music Serotonin Stabilizes Mood Salmon Turkey Nuts and seeds Pineapple Endorphins Minimizes…

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