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Perks of Being a Solopreneur

I’ve been hearing the word, Solopreneur buzzing around lately. I wanted to learn more about them and found some pretty cool discoveries to share.   Solopreneurs have to dream big. Their faith and ambitions have to go BIG too. I suppose it’s because some people with big dreams get to employ teams to help implement them. Still, Solopreneurs primarily achieve their business goals…

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Increase Your Social Media Influence With These Growth and Value Hacks

Would you rather grow your social media by numbers, by the value that you give to your followers, or both? I’m guessing you are leaning towards both, if you are – great choice! I’m one of the first to admit that I don’t have it all figured out yet. But I’m growing and love learning about building robust, engaging, and…

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Navigating Change

Lots of change floated in this year. We had the kind we wanted to make and the ones we didn’t. We make room for the changes we decide to make. We manage them how we wanted to. But the ones we have absolutely no control over is a whole different story – especially changes that keep changing, lol. How do we even…

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