Navigating Change

Lots of change floated in this year. We had the kind we wanted to make and the ones we didn’t. We make room for the changes we decide to make. We manage them how we wanted to. But the ones we have absolutely no control over is a whole different story – especially changes that keep changing, lol. How do we even manage them AND trust change processes that aren’t clearly defined? Here are 5 ways to navigate through changes and win.

Prioritize changes

Think about all of the changes that you have to make. Separate the low hanging fruit changes that you can make with your eyes closed from those requiring more time and attention from you. Do the quick win easy ones.  

Major on the Major

Focus on the rest of the changes that require more of your time and effort to manage. Order the list of changes according to what’s essential for you. Ask yourself, 

  1. What’s my why?
  2. What are the negative and positive impacts of this change?
  3. What’s in it for me?
  4. What help can it bring others?
  5. What do I want to get out of this change?
  6. When does this change have to be made?
  7. How did I win my last victory?

External influences pressures are just that – external. They don’t have to get in to stress you. Stay anchored to who you are and your innermost beliefs while facing and leaning into new evolving demands. You are great and full of potential. You can leap over every hurdle to get to your finish line.  

Meet the moment

I like watching the 100-meter hurdle track events. Kudos to runners who intentionally choose to run a race that has several obstacles. They could have decided to do a dash or a marathon with a clear, unobstructed view of the finish line. But they didn’t. What’s more interesting is that they are running with runners that have their own set of hurdles. This event emphasizes hurdles – it plays them up instead of avoiding them.  

Get to your highest potential

I’ve seen runners practice the art of leaping over the hurdles. It didn’t look like you see in the Olympics. Hurdles fell. The runner tripped. The leap over the hurdle was clumsy. Whatever the case, they learned from every failed attempt and deliberately tried it over again to get better. In the Olympics, athletes masterfully leap and gracefully float over the hurdles with other athletes beside them.  

Change can feel uncomfortable, like this big huge event in our lives that we’d rather not do. But really, it’s about evolving. Be gentle on yourself. Give yourself time to integrate change into your daily routine. Rather than hurrying through it – master it and learn ways to enjoy the process. Instead of this ‘changing time’ being an adverse event on your calendar, you can hashtag it into something positive.  What’s your hashtag going to be?

Make it Amazing

In life, there are challenges. Meet the moment to face the ones that add value, make us stronger, better equipped, and prepared for the next necessary challenge. Remembering your capacity, strengths, significance, and why you started will bring your A-game to navigating change.