Rising Up

I never thought I’d see a day called – COVID-19 come. This spreadable virus, that we knew little about, was seemingly remote one day and on America’s doorstep the next.  And though it’s here – up close and personal we still know little about it.  Not only that, it has so many touchpoints. Everything imaginable seems to be impacted – healthcare, day to day business, our jobs, social life, how we educate, the economy, retailers, transportation, barbershops, hair and nail salons, fitness – you name it. The thing that shocked me was how quickly food flew off the shelves at the mention of Covid-19’s arrival. Making a simple thing like grocery shopping seem like we were scavenger hunting.  

Without permission, the things we loved to do shifted from plans to a ‘COVID-19 Can’t List.’ And absolutely no one asked full-blown extroverts like me if it was okay to a Quarantine, LOL.   

But here’s what I noticed. I saw lemons become lemonade right before my eyes! I saw people and businesses received some of the worse Covid-19 news imaginable, then pivot quickly to find the best way to thrive.  Not just for themselves but to really serve humanity. 

Here’s Some of the most AMAZING things I see in this Covid-19 Crisis: 

  • Church providing online services 
  • The health care industry, of which I am a part, is super diligent and working extremely long hours to serve and support patients 
  • First responders stepped in and stepped up – BIG TIME – like never before  
  • Companies providing opportunities for employees to work from home 
  • Parents became teachers 
  • Parents and children became coworkers 
  • Family and friends realize they are Better Together  
  • We are caring, supportive and recognize that we are ALL in this together 
  • Social media is blowing up with entertaining videos and on-line class opportunities 
  • We’re sharing more 
  • Business are re-inventing how they do business to help their customers 
  • Food delivery services ramping up to help restaurants stay afloat 
  • Education shift to online platforms 
  • And we’re noticing some pretty good stock and investment opportunities 

Making History

History is in the making, right before our eyes.  Let’s not only survive this day – let’s THRIVE this day. It’s such a sensitive and critical time for us. My heart and prayers go out to families who lost love ones and to the patients who are fighting for their lives.  

We are GREAT people! Soon we will stand together and say we OVERCAME this.  Let’s keep our sleeves rolled up.  Let’s pitch in and find ways to call Covid-19 – “Yesterday.”  Let’s send a clear-cut confident message to future generations that we called Covid-19 or any sort of it, a thing of the past and a history that will NEVER-EVER be repeated.  

Blessings to all Nations!  

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