Step Up Your Salary Negotiation

How do you feel when you get a Job offer and the salary is lower than you expected? Do you want to fight for a better salary or settle for the skimpy one? The choice is easy when you think about it. Everybody wants a better salary if they can get it. It’s the fight or should I say the mere thought of the “Negotiation process” that makes people nervous. You feel that the company has more of an upper hand than you do.

I’ve been there. I took every first offer thinking it was the only option, until I learned differently. Guess where I learned it? On the job from coworkers who saw my work ethic. Imagine that? Think about all the times you settled for less and put out more because the work demanded you to. Think about all that you had to give up to meet timelines? Workers are sharp! We get it! We may not discuss how much money we make, but we know when that “Unfair” feeling hits the pits of our stomach and we support each other through it. When I realized I could ask for more I decided to do 2 things. Keep working hard in my current role and to negotiate the next time an offer came my way.

So here it goes…I got my next offer. I’m nervous. It’s hard to swallow, but I’m determine to follow my plan and principle – Be direct about my salary expectation and be quiet. AKA don’t be the first to break the silence. Sounds simple, right? It wasn’t for me. To give visual perspective to this it was like I was at this great big table seated in a plastic toddler chair negotiating with a person seated in a huge leather, cushy chair that swivels. It felt like a year before I heard back from the recruiter. I wanted to break the silence and accept less, but it didn’t. I choose to be patient, deepen my understanding about the needs of the company and added value that I could bring to it.

You’re, knowledgeable, skilled, competent, hardworking, ethical, integral, take initiative, customer service oriented, go to person and a whole lot more. Ready to negotiate? Here’s 4 principles to follow the when the next job offer comes your way.

Think about it

Don’t be impulsive and react too quickly. Take your time. Ask for 24 hours to think about the offer. Be deliberate and intentional about you and your prospective employer getting the best deal from the signed offer.

Be Real

Take (or make) a real account of what you bring to the table. Are you really equipped to do the job? What’s the market value of the job? Is this job in high demand or is the market saturated with this position? Know the relevance of how your skills, education and experience tie into what the employer wants to pay you to do. Also learn the salary range for the position. If you truly feel like you can do the job and bring an advantage that adds value to the company, prepare to counter offer

Push the envelope…Don’t be the first to break the silence

Counter the offer. Be direct. Confidently, cordially and professionally give a brief summary of your relevant qualifications that support receiving a higher salary. Stop talking and listen. Be prepared for them to ask you for more time to consider your counter offer. Give them time and wait for them to get back to you.

More Perks

Whether you were able to negotiate a better salary or the first offer is the absolute best salary they can give you, there are some additional perks that you can negotiate. Here’s a couple. As a salaried employee you may be eligible for compensatory, or comp time if you work beyond your regular scheduled hours. This can save you from using your PTO hours. Also, don’t forget to mention that trip you already paid for and planned to take. Companies have allowed new employees to take their planned vacation.

Happy, good and fair salary negotiations to you…