The One

Hi there!  Do you know the ‘Thing’ you were born to do, or are you still thinking about it?  No worries if you’re still trying to figure it out.  It’s plenty of people just like you asking themselves, “What is my purpose?”…”What’s The One Thing I was born to do?”

This is a huge question that will no doubt lead you to places of your passion – which are great places to explore, but you’ll still have some deeper discoveries to make.  Why? Because many people are multi-passioned.  You could be one of them.  Given that, every one of your passions may not make it on the plate of your purpose

Look at it this way.  I love to cook.  hands down.  I feel passionate about it.  The pic below is one of the meals I prepared.  While I really enjoyed every bit of the process from selecting the ingredients to plating, I’d hardly consider cooking my purpose.  My purpose is actually to encourage and inspire. 

What’s Really Calling You? 

Unpacking your passions to discover your purpose is a nice starting point because it brings you into the neighborhood of what you love to do.  To add, I believe God gives us a purpose that we GET to enjoy doing every day!  This doesn’t mean that your purpose won’t come without, challenges.  You’ll stretch and grow constantly.  If you stick with it and stay open minded, you’ll come upon that passion that has the unshakeable calling and pattern connected to it.  And that may be  the one you should squint your eyes at and zoom in on.   

Purpose in Action 

While you’re figuring out your own purpose, please don’t hesitate to look for people around you who are living theirs.  And, if you get an opportunity, ask them how they found it.  Other helpful hints can come from movies and documentaries.  I recently saw the movie, Harriet, twice.  I’m amazed by the tenacious life story of Harriet Tubman and how actress, Cynthia Erivo, brought, her to life in the movie, Harriet.  Among everything else, this movie was a purpose in action movie for me that’s well worth seeing

One thing that I’ve learned is that people of purpose are thrivers! They find a way to ‘Go beyond’.  Here’s 9 more powerful discoveries I’ve made about People of Purpose.  They are: 


They recognized an inspiring pattern that came up in their lives over and over again.  Finding themselves doing a certain thing – singing, speaking, training, teaching, practicing law, providing medical/veterinary care, driving, governing, serving the country in the military, whatever the case, they saw a pattern and went after it.  They dream out loud and find ways to bring the vision they see of themselves to life


They are on a mission.  They strategically find the way to get to their finish lines.  Whether the distance between here and there  is a straight shot or packed with obstacles they focus in to find the trajectory or open path of progress that gets them to their goal 


They are pathfinders who not only think about a better way for themselves, they think about the best way for others.   They use their creativity to develop innovative ways for others to come beside or after them to take what they do to the next level 

Gap Narrowers 

They often work in the gaps to bridge knowledge with doing.  They aren’t satisfied with knowledge – just for the sake of knowing.  They do what they know 


They keep purpose on their plates.  Even when consistency doesn’t outwardly look like it’s measuring up to anything, they know consistency compounds.  The needle will move further forward the more they work at it 

The Know How to Fail Forward 

They know how to make good use of a fall.  They study their falls to find value it.  Once they learn the lesson and consider new options, they harness the resilience to get back up and try again – fully expecting to be further than they were before 

Great Thinkers 

They think the extraordinary thoughts and ask the well thought out questions.  Great thinkers dare to ask questions like, “What if…?” or “Why not?” then will investigate until they find the answer.  Not only are they exceptional thinkers, they love to think.  They’ll actually make space and time for it 


They don’t require a lot of outward influences to get them to do what they need to do.  They develop the plan and have the internal drive to stick to it


They can turn on a dime and quickly course correct if they go off-path 

Preparers and Planners 

They spend the right time with the right people who have the capacity to stretch them and get them were they have to go.  They plan and prepare the next most important move.  They are also well equipped for the journey.  Perfection doesn’t get in the way of progress because they expect to grow every day and find new discoveries along the way 

Discovering your purpose and seeking to live your highest potential is an awesome and rewarding journey for you take.  As a person of new found purpose, I’m hoping you’ll be okay with 2 things: one, realizing that your journey of purpose is bigger than you and two, sharing your purpose to add extreme value to others 

Happy discovery to you and please remember to blaze your trail!