12 Affirmations to Tell Yourself Every Morning

  1. I am GRATEFUL for all my blessings!
  2. I am POSITIVE!
  3. I am a person of GREAT VALUE and will seek opportunities to add value to others!
  4. I am going to have a good day, a great day, or an AMAZING day!
  5. I BELIEVE in my dreams!
  6. I am STRONG!  
  7. I am EMPOWERED to live my purpose!
  8. I am MORE than enough!
  9. I am BETTER and on my journey to live my BEST life!
  10. I will be EXCEPTIONAL in all that I do!
  11. Obstacles are opportunities.  I GET to experience them.  I will OVERCOME and LEARN from them!
  12. Today is full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.  I choose to give and receive it!