12 Affirmations to Tell Yourself Every Morning

  1. I am GRATEFUL for all my blessings!
  2. I am POSITIVE!
  3. I am a person of GREAT VALUE and will seek opportunities to add value to others!
  4. I am going to have a good day, a great day, or an AMAZING day!
  5. I BELIEVE in my dreams!
  6. I am STRONG!  
  7. I am EMPOWERED to live my purpose!
  8. I am MORE than enough!
  9. I am BETTER and on my journey to live my BEST life!
  10. I will be EXCEPTIONAL in all that I do!
  11. Obstacles are opportunities.  I GET to experience them.  I will OVERCOME and LEARN from them!
  12. Today is full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.  I choose to give and receive it!

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  • Tyra L Smith April 3, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Beautiful, AND Excellent very Well put.
    Life is a joy in living when we KNOW OUR WORDs CARRY POWER. We SPEAK what we CARE for it to be.
    And in using this technique we communicate to the universe what it is that we care for it to Be…. Not what we see CAUSE things we see are Always Subjected (submitted to God)
    2change. It changes by what we SPEAK.
    THANK you for SHOWING me and Teaching me I Am Anointed 2Win.💞💕💓❤🙏🏿


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