Start Planning Your Promotion Today

7 Quick Tips to Help You Plan Your Next Promotion

Put the X on your back

It’s nice to have a ‘go to person’ on the team – a peer among you who knows the organization, the work and the best way to get it done.  See if your team can use a go to person.  If they can, become one!  You may have to take on more, but it’s worth it.  This is a great way to socialize yourself as a leader, trainer and mentor among your peers

Under promise and over deliver

Due dates and competing priorities can be mindboggling.  When you have an assignment and the option to choose a completion date, take a breath and give yourself time to excel.  If you know that it only takes you a day to complete the required task and your lead is willing to give you 2, use the extra day to crown your achievement(s) before turning them in.

Move the needle in the right direction – Affect the bottom line

You matter.  The hard work that you do goes a long way.  Understand how your work impacts your company’s mission and overall bottom line, then keep moving the needle in that direction.

Build relationships

Your company not only hired you for your talents they thought you were a great fit for the team.  Relax and fit in.  Let that great personality that you showed them in the interview shine through.  Go to team building events, company functions and dinners.  Be present and relatable.

Lead Out

Leaders know more and go before.  Stay in constant contact with your leaders, stakeholders and customers so that you know the right boxes to tick, or simply put – how to produce the results they need to win.  Ask questions, take initiative and keep the ball rolling towards their goals.

Find the right mentor and sponsor

Mentors know more and enjoy passing on their knowledge to help others.  They know the work and how to get it done.  They also understand company culture.  You can share the details of your good and bad days with them.   Sponsors are knowledgeable about you and the needs of the organization.  They know the talent you bring to the table and will openly share it with people even when you are not present.  They are great champions for you and your advancement.

Help your team and company to win