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I was listening to NPR in my car when I heard this stunning quote that made me think, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” by Jim Rohn.   Hearing this made me count the 5 people that I send most of my time with.   They are great people so I’m feeling pretty good about my average.

The Big Take Away

Once I really leaned into this quote, it was less about me and more about positively impacting others.  Sure, I had my top 5, but I also made the cut of someone else’s top 5 list.  Even though that somebody has 4 other people contributing to their average, I’m challenged to do my part to help them know more…Be more…And do more?

Whose Your Top 5?

Are you spending time with the right people?  It all boils down to influence.  Are your top 5 givers, takers or do they take up space doing neither?  Ask yourself how much you can gain by having positive influencers in your life and how much will it cost you not to?  Your top 5 should be encouraging, supportive, provide accountability and willing to take the hike with YOU to be the best YOU.

Don’t Hesitate to Level Up

If there is an opportunity to pick a better influencer for your life, go for it.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with switching to a more qualified influencer.  It doesn’t mean the other person completely goes away.  I just means that you’ll spend more intentional time with someone who is better equipped to help you grow.  It may feel uncomfortable but remember comfort and growth don’t always coexist.  A change that elevates you is always worth it in the long run.

Lift Your Lid to Help Others

Keep growing so that you can continue to positively impact the lives of other people.  “Be a person of value so you can add value to others – John Maxwell.

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