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Give Goals

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Wanting to give is a pretty sweet courtesy that goes a long way. Here are some ways to share: Pour on the kindness. It’s a HUGE win to ask, ‘How are you doing, really?’ then give the person space and time to answer in their own way so you can listen in and learn exactly how to help them. Kindness…

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Healthy Reminders: 4 Fab Brain Chemicals That Help You Feel Great

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CHEMICAL WHAT DOES IT DO FOR ME HOW DO I GET IT Dopamine Boosts reward, motivation, concentration Reach your goals Self-care Creativity Learn a new skill or exercise Oxytocin Promotes love, trust, empathy Give a compliment Give a hug Socializing Play with baby Play with pet Listen to music Serotonin Stabilizes Mood Salmon Turkey Nuts and seeds Pineapple Endorphins Minimizes…

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Episode 14: Stay Safe!

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“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive, You will thrive in spite of it.” – Joel Olsteen  Today’s episode was pretty deep. We knew it would be. But it was well worth it to put this issue out on another table…

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Navigating Change

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Lots of change floated in this year. We had the kind we wanted to make and the ones we didn’t. We make room for the changes we decide to make. We manage them how we wanted to. But the ones we have absolutely no control over is a whole different story – especially changes that keep changing, lol. How do we even…

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Episode 13: Level Up

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Aniecia Browning shares how she leveled up from college student to entrepreneur this year. This bright and confident 20-year old Texas A&M Commerce student let nothing stop her from achieving her business dream after receiving encouraging advice from her mentor, Lashara Jefferson. Becoming the business owner of Alluring Body Fitness and an Herbal Life Distributor is just the beginning for…

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Episode 12: Overcoming Self -Doubt

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Self-doubt is real. It gives you a shrink back, lack of confidence in yourself sort of feeling that slows down your progress. Krystle Crosby shares some great, spot-on insights to overcome self-doubt – giving us a powerful boost to soar through our goals, from start to finish, with clarity and confidence.

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Episode 11: Financial Growth Part 1

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On today’s show, we tap in and discuss finances. We break open the big money box topic by sharing ideas on how to increase your credit score, developing a savings plan that works for you, and tweaking spending habits.

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Episode 10: You Got This

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Before catching up on everything that’s been going on, Ciji and I welcomed our international listeners. We’re super excited to have them join the Thrive Matters family of listeners.  After that, we jumped right into candid discussions about where we are with the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement. It’s still hard to believe that Covid-19 united us…

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