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Don’t Miss Your NOW for Your NEXT

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While you’re on your path to reach all of your fab goals, please take the time to ENJOY the journey. Here’s how: Be grateful for what you have Appreciate your hidden figures. These are the backstage people in your life who assists you Stop to help someone Enjoy a belly laugh Learn something new Give a hug Think well of…

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The One

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Hi there!  Do you know the ‘Thing’ you were born to do, or are you still thinking about it?  No worries if you’re still trying to figure it out.  It’s plenty of people just like you asking themselves, “What is my purpose?”…”What’s The One Thing I was born to do?” This is a huge question that will no doubt lead you to places…

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So here we are, ready and willing to have ‘the talk’.  Which is no small thing.  We definately could dodge your way out of this moment but we won’t.   We’re deciding to brave it – to see this as an opportunity to take this issue off our plate.  And although we may have all kinds of anxiety about having…

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Hack Into Procrastination By Doing It Now

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There’s plenty of excuses why we procrastinate. But here’s the thing, the problem with excuses is that there are some REALLY good ones to use.  Instead of using another great excuse to procrastinate, let’s consider ways to do what needs to get done.  Here’s 9 ways to stop procrastinating:  Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now more important than…

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